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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Cause Anti-poaching efforts and orphan-elephant, rhino and giraffe rescue and rehabilitation program.

What they do Treat animals caught and/or injured in traps set by poachers, and take in and raise orphaned animals, providing them the care and attention they need to grow and develop into strong, well equipped adults.

Location The elephant Nursery is located in Nairobi National Park. Their 3 reintegration units are located in the Greater Tsavo Conservation Area at Voi, Ithumba and Umani Springs in the Kibwezi Forest.


Cause Fighting Child Exploitation online

What they do They leverage the digital footprints of child abuse to find victims faster and stop potential future abuse. Thorn also works with companies, and in the dark web and P2P networks to make online environments hostile to abusive behaviour. Furthermore, they utilize online tools to intercept potentially abusive behaviour and encourage people to stop and seek help.

Location Helping children across the globe

Disaster Aid International

Cause Helping those affected by disasters across the world

What they do Disaster Aid International coordinates the work of its Country Partners to:

  1. Respond to disasters with the supply of humanitarian aid to the affected communities and/or individuals until the needs determined by Disaster Aid International are reasonably addressed.
  2. Operate an Overseas Aid Fund, to be known as the Disaster Aid International Overseas Aid Fund, in order to provide relief and aid to those who are displaced by natural or other disasters;
  3. Train volunteers in administering humanitarian relief and aid;
  4. Provide education and training in aspects of disaster relief to individuals, community groups, businesses, schools and other organisations; and
  5. Work in partnership on humanitarian projects funded by other organisations, including Rotary clubs and Rotary districts.

Location Worldwide

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