Welcome to Uhuru!


2017 has been a year of many surprises. Uhuru has been the best one yet.  It has consisted of about 1000 emails, 500 products and resulted in 9 amazing brands joining our platform. 

This marketplace is looking to focus on the ethical companies which are dedicated to creating beautiful, high quality products with meaning. The brands on-board have social motives and are here to make a difference.

Rallier creates chic uniform style dresses, alongside donating uniforms to young girls in Kenya. It has been found that school attendance directly correlates with the access to uniforms. Providing these girls uniforms gives them the confidence to go and build a better future for themselves. 

Henrica Langh, a brand awarded 'Best Up and Coming Fashion Label' at the Sustainable Luxury Awards by Eluxe Magazine 2017. Henrica prides herself on conscious design, quality, sustainable material sourcing, and ethical small-scale production are some of the main focus points in the ready-to-wear collections. Her brand makes statement pieces for women who want looks that kill, without harming the world around us.

Votch is a vegan luxury brand creating classic watches to suit all. The company is run by Laura Stageman and Rollo. Votch is always striving as a company to do better and to create a product that inflicts no harm to animals and as little to the environment as possible. They are constantly researching the most innovative fabrics to use for their watches matched by their continual desire to develop their designs. Making cruelty free accessories more readily available to all and showing that you don’t need to be cruel to be cool.

There are many more brands on Uhuru which are equally unique, with a purpose greater than just profit.

So what does Uhuru do to be in line with all of these brands? Uhuru will be donating 50% of any income the website makes per transaction. (This is 5% of the transaction value) You are in charge of where this money is donated. When making payment you can select the cause you feel most connected to – and that’s where the money will go.

But this is where we need you! Please browse, buy and spread the word! The more the people know about these brands the greater good we can do together.




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