Guatemala to Australia

From Guatemala to Australia Uhuru’s products show that geographical location is no restriction to making meaningful goods.

Korbata – a men’s tie company focuses on empowering the artisans in their local community. Fair wages; clean working conditions and recognition of heritage and culture are all part of the brands core values.

Jusu Body – a Canadian company looking to alleviate the lives of those struggling to use skin and beauty products for extra - sensitive skin. Organic ingredients and anti-animal testing makes their high-quality creams, shampoos and conditioners cruelty-free.

Elvis & Kresse – a British accessories brand. The vast majority of their raw materials are reclaimed, and would otherwise go to landfill, this extends to their packaging, workshop, business cards and beyond. We design classic, utilitarian pieces that are hand crafted and built to last. They repair for free for life AND they run on renewable energy.

Brands like these are growing and showing us that profit shouldn’t be the sole-focus of any long-term running company. Thinking about the ripple effects of our actions is important to lead an ethical and guilt-free sustainable business. Whilst its impossible to be everything for everyone, its possible to be the best at a few things for a few elements.

Uhuru hopes to continue to exhibit and promote brands with these values. Not only are they showing it can be done, but setting a standard for other brands. Even larger brands, like Gucci have banned the use of fur in their future products. This in itself shows that sustainable and ethical fashion is the new ‘luxury fashion’. It would be great to hear any thoughts or ideas you have for the platform (good or bad!) Please feel free to get in touch at

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