uhuru means ‘freedom’ in swahili.
Freedom is something we never seem to notice until it’s taken away from us. Unfortunately, there are many out there that are not lucky enough to experience it- whether they are human or animal. It took me some time to realise and understand just how easily and cruelly living-beings rights to choose and decide is snatched from them.
a thriving and ever-growing industry that claims countless lives unjustly, is fashion.
Once you look past the glitz and the glamour of the catwalks, exhibitions and photoshoots, the wastefulness and lack of compassion comes to light. It’s an industry that will forever be in demand, but what we demand is changing, society is appreciating the artisanal skill, which has now been pushed to the brink of extinction because of fast fashion, and the sheer mass production of goods.

Artisanal culture, alongside many other things, such as wasteful use of fabrics; underpaid labour; poor working conditions; animal cruelty and other environmental effects are now finally being recognised as important factors to the supply chain.

Consumers are more aware and informed, and many want to take an active role in making a difference.

The problem is ease of access to such conscious companies and goods in the fashion industry. It is currently extremely difficult to see exactly what is in the market for 'ethical products'. This can cover a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare. (I found this to be a HUGE hurdle for myself when looking online) So, this is where Uhuru comes in. Uhuru will act as a platform for such companies to share their high quality, ethical (namely cruelty free) products with the world.

Not only does the platform present these meaningfully curated goods to the world, but will do good itself. At point of payment the customer can decide which charity a percentage of their purchase will go toward.
this is important, as different causes are important to different people.
This feature enables the continued trend of empowered and informed decision making for the consumer. Transparency is integral and extremely important to Uhuru.
Well, that’s a quick summary!
We'd love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions / know anyone who would want to be part of this project.
Thank you for taking an interest and reading up on the company!
Megha Shah